Extended Wood Rotax bodywork for stock frame 650 Yamaha
This is a new setup built exclusively for the stock XS Yamaha chassis.  We are going to be building a "Hooligan" bike for the VDTRA nationals in 2017. Street legal, full out race bike with detachable lights...stay tuned for details

Stock 650 Kawasaki tank
We have received many phone calls asking if we offered a body kit for the stock frame Kawasaki 650. With some help of a friend who had one we designed this tank and tail unit that bolts on to the stock frame with little modification.this set was hydro dipped and turned out fantastic.  Here is your answer to a cheap powerful street tracker. Prices and dimension coming soon.

C&J Parameter frame twin tank
This is our own design tank for the new STD parameter chassis.  It has a raised rib on top for more fuel capacity. Comes with aluminum fuel pump bung. Our new style seat also has a raised center portion for more aerodynamic flow. Get your set ordered today!

Mad Dog / Mini Bodywork set
This is our all new tank and tail design for the XR 100/TTR 125 size mini bikes 
​ It is modeled after our popular teardrop Racetech style tank and Knight tail. Prices and dimensions coming soon.

TZ 750 Tank
We now offer this TZ 750 Champion style tank.  This is a larger version of the Champion 750 tank, with a few minor differences. This tank is available with a std 750 bottom, or a larger 3" tunnel version. This particular one was a 3" tunnel and was used on a stock frame Triumph street tracker build. The larger capacity makes it ideal for a street tracker application......or 120HP 4 cylinder 2 stroke flattrack bikes!!

Honda RS 750 project
An overseas customer was having J&M build them a new chassis for a real RS 750. It was then shipped to me to build/fit new tank and seat unit as authentic as the factory had done it. It was a real fun project and cant wait to see it when completed.

1979 Honda Elsinore Tank
This is an exact reproduction we did for a customer recently. He supplied us with a Original N.O.S Elsinore tank and we went to work building a few of them and adding them to our lineup.  This tank mounts by utilizing stock front tabs and a rear mount. It looks great and fits nicely on most 600cc and up flattrack frames.

We are always busy in the shop working on something!

We don't share everything we do, or how we do it, but here are a few things we've been doing recently-Take a look

C&J Wide Parameter frame tank
To my knowledge there are only a few extra wide parameter frames that were made by C&J. When Rob Pearson acquired one it was sent directly to our shop to make a tank and tail. The tail section fit no problem but an entire new plug and mold were made should anyone else need one, Prices and dimensions coming soon.

New style Champion 750 Tank
This was a project we did for Marty Lewis at Lazer Racing. He tells me this is the original Champion tank design. The tank comes in on the sides below the bodyline. A streamlined, neat looking tank. These tanks are available is std front and rear mount, or now by center mount as well.

CRF 150 Mad Dog project
Built in 2 days to race a local indoor. Bone stock (wore out) CRF 150. 8HP.  Installed Cannon Racecraft heavy duty front and rear suspension springs and clutch springs.  Modified airbox, K&N filter, slip on muffler. Old wore out 19" Carlisle flattrack front tire. Hand cut 16" street tire on rear. All work done in house, all parts (except air filter) manufactured in house. Re-Jet . 12HP